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Dec 20, 2017

Cory and Joel talk about something near and dear to Cory’s heart: Fancy Guppies! The Real Fish Talk team cover everything guppy; from different types of tails like Japan Blue Lyretails, to heirloom strains of fancy guppies like Moscow guppies, you’ll learn about the wide world of guppies and how they’ve changed in our aquariums over the years. Cory and Joel also give tips on breeding guppies and some of the things to avoid when looking to breed fish for profit.

Also covered in this podcast Cory and Joel talk about the origin of the Tiger Endler, the return of Moriarty the Heron, see-through guppies, Joel’s guppy quest, and the “Best Guppies in the World.” Join Real Fish Talk for laughs and learning to get prepared for your next Guppy fish tank!