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May 29, 2020

I am joined by Zach Franck from the World Pet Association, the organization responsible for events such as Aquatic Experience and America's Family Pet Expo.  Zach provides his beginnings in the tropical fish hobby, and career progression that led him to World Pet Association.  Zach and I discuss how we can keep growing...

May 29, 2020

Streamed live on YouTube 05.28.2020


On the Aquarium Co-Op aquarium channel we focus on freshwater fish, tropical fish, aquatic plants and in general all freshwater aquariums. Our goal is to help take your pet fish and graduate you to an aquarium hobbyist.



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May 27, 2020

Please listen in as I welcome back Joe Ferdenzi to the Aquarist Podcast in a truly special recording.  Joe invited me to his home in New York to share his fish room and his knowledge of our beloved hobby.

May 22, 2020

I have the honor of speaking with Dr. Jay Stauffer Jr. on his early introduction into fish keeping, his path to becoming an ichthyologist, and species description: what exactly goes into a name.

May 15, 2020

Kevin and I discuss many aquascaping topics; from his beginnings in the hobby to running his company Brooklyn Hardscape.

Check out his work and connect with him via Facebook or Instagram if you would like him to come and aquascape a tank for you.


Brooklyn Hardscape FB page: